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How can I lose weight quickly through simple home exercises?

Weight loss has been the subject of interest to many people. There are various reasons why you would want to lose weight fast. It might be because you are recently having a difficult time fitting into your clothes. Maybe, you are going to attend a wedding in a few months and you want to look good for the occasion. Perhaps, you want to lose weight because you have an existing medical condition. Whatever the reason is, people are so fixated in losing weight fast to the extent that they engage in crash diets, pills, or other unsafe methods. If you are asking, how can I lose weight quickly? The answer is this: the healthiest and safest way is to engage in some home exercises coupled with proper diet.

How can I lose weight quickly using my treadmill?

Your treadmill is a great workout equipment to help burn calories fast. All you need to do is to engage in interval training when using your treadmill. Interval training refers to that workout which has alternating periods of heavy or intense exercise and periods of less intense or moderate exercise. It is said to be more effective in burning calories as compared to other common workouts.

Start by doing your warm up walks with a normal speed. Your normal speed depends on your height. For instance, a 6 feet tall guy can start with a 4 miles per hour speed while a 5 feet tall guy’s normal speed is 3 miles per hour. Stand tall and lean back while walking in long strides. Continue doing this for about 10 minutes. While doing so, increase the speed by 1 m/hr every after 1 minute.

Get off the treadmill after your warm up and perform some stretching for your quadriceps. An example is to bend your left knee backward while standing in your right foot. Then use your right hand to reach for your left bended leg. After 4 seconds release and place your leg on the ground. Do the same steps with your other leg. After a couple of stretches, go back to the treadmill.

On a normal speed, start walking for 60 seconds. After that, start jogging lightly while increasing your speed. Jog lightly for 30 seconds. Then start jogging intensely. You can intensify your jogging by raising your knees as high as you can while jogging and do this for 15 seconds. Once you are done with the first sequence, slow down your speed. To manage the speed buttons, grab on your handrails and then hop off the speeding treadmill then turn down the speed. Repeat the sequence for a couple of times.

How can I lose weight quickly through the Tabata workout?

Tabata workout is a highly intense form of workout guaranteed to rapidly make you lose weight. The benefits that can be derived from this type of workout are similar to what cardio exercises give. The only difference is that Tabata exercises only take 4 minutes to complete. That is why even if it involves easy steps, it can be strenuous at first. Tabata can be a combination of different exercise moves to be performed within 4 minutes. The important thing is to have a 10 second rest period after every 20 seconds of exercising. As you progress, you can try more complex combinations. You can even use dumbbells and weights with your four minute routine.

An example of a Tabata workout for beginners is the combination of the following exercises: jumping jacks, modified push-ups, squat thrusts, and high knees. You can start by doing as many jumping jacks as you can within 20 seconds. After the 10 second rest, perform some squat thrusts. Perform this by squatting down and placing your hands on the floor then kick both feet backwards such that you are in a push-up position. Then quickly lunge your feet forward between your arms then stand up. After the rest period, proceed with high knees. It is basically raising your knees higher while jogging in a stationary position. After resting proceed with the modified push-ups. Repeat this routine until 4 minutes is over. Learn more about Tabata workout plan by watching below video:

25 Minute Tabata workout

How can I lose weight quickly through other home exercises?

You can also burn calories through jump rope work outs. For starters, you can try a 10 minute jump rope session per day. Begin by marching in place, and then start doing jumps with your jump rope for 30 seconds. Afterwards allow a recovery interval of 30 seconds by just marching in place. Then repeat the routine until the 10 minutes is over. To avoid monotony, try jumping from side to side. You can also try jumping using only one foot with the other bent backwards. As you progress, try adding more variety and even lessening your rest intervals.

Simple exercises like doing crunches and pushups are also great ways to burn fats. All you need to do is start with a few sets and then gradually increase as you build strength from day to day. Using the hula hoop can also be a part of your routine. Simple activities like climbing the stairs repeatedly and doing household chores added to your exercise routine can help you rapidly burn fat fast.

Some reminders

How can I lose weight quickly by healthy dieting. Some changes in your diet can immensely help you with your weight loss goal. For instance, refraining from fast food chains helps you avoid trans fats which not only make you fat but also is bad for your health. Choose healthier options for snacks instead of chips. Indulge in fruits and veggies whenever you feel hungry. They are great foods that nourish the body with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Plus, they are fibrous which is very good for digestion and metabolism. Remember not to overcook your veggies to get more nutrients.

How can I lose weight quickly

Eat your breakfast and never skip meals. While it is true that you have to lessen calorie intake, do not go below 1,000 calories per day. If you cut back drastically in your calorie intake, it will just back fire. This is because too little calorie intake makes you lose muscle which then slows down metabolism. Furthermore, you will not be able to intensify your workouts. The best way to do your daily exercise routine is in the morning before your breakfast. This way, your body’s metabolism is increased, enabling you to burn more calories quickly throughout the day. Remember that if you really want to lose weight fast, discipline and determination is very important.

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