Are These Diet Plans to Lose Weight Unique or Just Strange

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        Are These Diet Plans to Lose Weight Unique:

There are plenty of Diet Plans to Lose Weight fast and can help you with losing weight.  Some are better than others for working fast and some are harder to stick to than others.  Some are also more expensive. Some of these diets offer more choices while others are more restrictive.  The Lemonade Diet takes least time to prepare while the Cabbage Soup Diet is cheap but very, very monotonous.  Often the best diet plans to lose weight fast does not actually convert to keeping those pounds off.

 Diet Plans to Lose Weight:

The Lemonade Diet has users that swear that a person may lose from 10 to 20 pounds within the first 10 day period.  Make sure to consult with your physician before using this diet.  The instructions for faster calorie burning with this diet are: drink about 100 ounces of lemonade each day; and drink a salt water flush every morning when you wake up as well as drink an herbal laxative tea at night prior to bed.  That’s it – nothing to eat.  Actually this is an elimination and cleansing diet which makes the claim to aid in eliminating toxins which some experts believe is the best way to remove extra bad fat fast.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is of course a limited food diet.  The ingredients for the soup are two green peppers, 6 green onions, 1 to 2 cans of tomatoes diced, one bunch of celery, a package of Onion Soup mix, two cubes of bouillon if desired and naturally one head of cabbage.

Diet Plans to Lose Weight:

On the 1st day of one of the more unique way is to eat the Onion soup mix and more fruit; the 2nd day is cabbage soup and cooked or raw fresh vegetables; the 3rd day is the soup and fruit and vegetables day; the 4th day is soup and skim milk with up to 8 bananas and the 5th day is soup and beef and tomato day.  Then on day six eat soup and beef and vegetables and on day seven its cabbage soup, brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juices are the best fast fat burners to take daily. Each day you need to drink lots of water and you can eat all you want and should never let yourself get hungry. And people do lose weight with this plan.

As you can quickly see there are some really strange diet plans to lose weight with.  But please remember you should never try one of these strange or unique plans without speaking with your physician first and then use a good proven healthy diet plan to burn your fat fast. Also ask from your Doctor what are the most important nutrition diets you need to take daily to be fit and healthy.

When choosing the right diet plans to lose weight fast keep your taste – if not you are to follow a very difficult diet plan and you will have to force your self to keep the chosen diet plans to lose weight fast.

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